East Texas "Newborn" Attracting Visitors

It wasn't the stork that delivered the latest bundle of joy at the Cherokee Trace Drive-Thru Safari, but a kangaroo, a red kangaroo to be exact.
"The babies, I really get attached to the babies," said Lyndee Caldwell. Lyndee, a worker for the safari, is serving as a proud second mother to a the new baby joey.
"I was the first one to see it and the first one to photograph it," said Lyndee, "I've been anticipating it for so long."
It was born October 16, the second baby joey born in the last 7 months to proud parents Tristan and Isabel, names you might find familiar.
"They are all from the movie, The Legends of the Fall," said Lyndee. "Tristan, Susannah, Samuel and Isabel."
While the new baby wasn't ready to share Hollywood good looks on Sunday, a tail and foot ventured out long enough to say hello. Lyndee is one of the few to see his little face.
"It looked like a little hairless Chihuahua. It was just great, it was just a beautiful baby. They stay in the pouch for 33 weeks and they come in and out. The joey travels into the pouch where it travels up and latches on and nurses continuously as it matures."
"He pokes his head out to check things out periodically," said Lyndee.
 While it's still in the air whether the baby will have an Australian or an East Texas accent, one thing is for sure the new baby and his brother could have one major game of hop scotch.
The new joey's gender can only be determined after the baby leaves the pouch. Then owners of the Cherokee Trace Drive-Thru Safari will decide which  movie character name it will be given.

Maya Golden reporting, mgolden@kltv.com