Better East Texas: President Obama flexing federal power

Better East Texas: President Obama flexing federal power

(KLTV) - In today's tech-everywhere world where just about everything an elected official says is recorded, the President needs to watch his words.

An open mic caught the president breaking protocol on a tour of Thomas Jefferson's home Monticello in Virginia with the president of France. President Obama took it upon himself to depart from the planned tour and said that as president, quote "I can do whatever I want". Now obviously this pertains to the moment and the tour escapade, but at times you sure get the feeling Mr. Obama carries that attitude into the governing process.

From delaying the employer mandate on Obamacare twice to raising the minimum wage on government contracts, President Obama has acted independent of Congress multiple times. And the danger in that is that it is precedent setting, and the practice could be used by future presidents regardless of party affiliation.

Most critics have stopped short of calling it an abuse of power, but truly our country has a process in place for actions at the federal level to take place, and it is the president's job to lead that process and to bring groups together, not divide. Congress just voted to raise the debt ceiling in an act where the president got what he wanted, a new debt ceiling without having to give in to republican demands. After that vote he, no doubt, feels that he can do what he wants, while the republicans flounder in preparation for the mid-term elections. We need leaders that are principled but can unite. We haven't had it for a while and our country has suffered.

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