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Better East Texas: Team USA lagging behind global competitors at Winter Olympics

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The Winter Olympics are in full swing now, and while it is neat to see the background stories on the athletes and see the international and cultural identities of the competitors, for Americans, it is all ultimately about winning. And perhaps it should be. For years, we have heard how American young people are inferior to their international counterparts in many areas of academia and athleticism.

We need to win at the Olympics, but the medal count doesn’t seem to be favoring the Americans. And historically, the U.S. doesn’t usually win the total medal count but we finish near the top. So, it has been disappointing that icons like snowboarder Shaun White, downhill skiing sensation Bode Miller and others have either been shut out or have not met the expectations of winning medals in their respective sports.

So whether it is technology, training, or some other factor, the playing field continues to even out across the globe and the U.S. must take steps to improve, to not even dominate, but just to stay competitive. That challenge applies not only to sports but to technology, the sciences, mathematics, and the list goes on.

We need to push our young people to perform and be aware that they are competing with counterparts that are vastly different than they are. For now, America is at or near the top, but to stay there we need aggressive, competitive young people and that will make for a better East Texas.

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