Does It Work: Cardsharp

It seems like there's never a knife around when you need one. I mean, a lot of us don't carry a pocket knife because it can damage other things that might be in our pockets. Well, what if you could safely keep one in your wallet?

The people who designed Cardsharp claim just that. Ahh, but Does it Work?

All right, confession time: I am not a knife person. I never really carried a knife. I never had a pocket knife as a kid. I was never a Boy Scout. No offense, Boy Scouts. I never had a Swiss Army knife. I was neither Swiss nor army, nor in the Swiss Army, I just have never done that.

That said,there are times I need a knife. I mean, you open up a box or cut some rope, you know the things you do with knives. My pockets are much more likely to have a couple of cell phones, and of course you don't want a knife against a cell phone screen. So a couple weeks ago I saw something online that I had to have mostly because the design is so cool. And it came in from Singapore.

"Let's check it out," I said.

It's the CardSharp folding safety knife. It looks and feels like a credit card, and with it you can cut your bills in half! But that's literally, not monetarily.

And there it is. Believe it or not, this is a knife. But it just looks like something that you would have in your wallet.

I broke the man rules and looked at the instructions.

"Ahh, it's like the origami of knives," I observed.

The Cardsharp has a little grooved rotating safety button that keeps the blade in place when it's green. Twist the green away and the blade folds out.

"This is supposed to be surgical steel," I said.

In fact, the back of the instructions say Cardsharp was first marketed to surgeons.

To configure the handle you fold over the small part first, and snap the bigger flap into place. Pretty simple. I wonder how fast I can do this without cutting off  a finger?

Do not attempt this at home. I am a professional product tester.

BAM! Four point oh-five seconds.

"And just like that, I've got a knife." I stated.

"He's got a knife!" Yelled some random people behind the glass office door who ran away.

Now that I've cleared the riffraff:

"Let's try it." I said.

The blade slices through packaging tape like it's not there.

"Cutting into the cardboard not just the tape," I observed.

So, for opening stuff, the Cardsharp is great, and it folds up quickly and easily and you'll always know where it is ... if you can keep track of your wallet.

Does it work? We give the Cardsharp a yes.

Cardsharp is available online for less than $10. Also, we checked with police--the Cardsharp is legal in Texas anywhere that a normal pocket knife would be.

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