Power of Prayer: Simply Satisfied

Tarska Duffield is the founder and host of "Simply Satisfied." she says the ministry was started for Christian singles throughout deep East Texas.

Tarska tells us "this was a ministry show that I was actually asked, requested from some single individuals to be able to have somewhere to go, something to do other than nightclubs and things of that nature."

Simply Satisfied team member James Hall says "you don't really have an option for Christian people to go somewhere, have fun and be in an environment that doesn't pull you out of your walk."

Tarska told us "we do audience participation, singing and we just have a different variety of things based on the month, depending on the theme of the month. So we try to keep the activities we do in conjunction with the theme that we have."

And it all starts with ushering in the right spirit.

Team Simply Satisfied works to put on a great show each month. They say the result has been well worth it.

So if you're looking to have a nice evening out, with Christ at the center, Simply Satisfied may be the place for you.

For more information on Simply Satisfied, you can click on their Facebook link below.