Elementary Students Narrowly Choose Bush In Mock Election

It was an exercise in political education.  Students from Kindergarten through 5th grade at Tyler's Orr Elementary have spent the semester preparing for Friday's "meeting" of the Electoral College.

At the start of the semester, teachers picked states for their classroom to represent.  They learned about their "home state", learned about the candidates for president and made their choice.

Of course, the winner of a plurality of votes wins all the state's Electoral College votes.  Friday, students packed into the gymnasium to formally "elect" the next president.

Though Texas went for Senator John Kerry, and Kerry's home state of Massachusetts went for President Bush, the president pulled off a slim victory in electoral votes.   The real election next month is expected to be close, as well.

Teachers say Orr students have "elected" the Democratic nominee in the two elections since this exercise was begun in 1996.  This year was the first win for a Republican.