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Two AR-15 rifles still missing after Kilgore robbery

The stolen truck, which was recovered from a Kilgore parking lot. The stolen truck, which was recovered from a Kilgore parking lot.

An East Texas gun owner says his worst fear has come true, as one of his guns is now in the hands of criminals. Police are still searching for the suspects who are accused of tying a Kilgore store clerk up and stealing his pickup truck with high-powered rifles inside.

The incident happened yesterday on Harris Street outside of Xino Converters in Kilgore. Officers have started to process the stolen pickup truck that was recovered just a few blocks away from where the robbery happened.

"I hear about it all the time. I never imagined it would be me," says the gun's owner Dustin Pannell.

Two AR-15 rifles, one of which was Pannell's were taken from the truck, which was stolen during the armed robbery.

"If somebody is willing to rob someone with a pistol I can imagine what someone would do with an AR-15 , two AR-15 rifles," Pannell says.

It was later in the day that police found the clerk's truck abandoned in a parking lot next to the city baseball fields two blocks away. The rifles were gone.

"The police were swimming all over the parking lot, and they were particularly concerned with one car," says neighbor Waylon Perdue.

Pannell was having the guns painted, but going through a third party.

"My gun. Wrong place at the wrong time," he says.

Kilgore investigators confirm that two AR-15 rifles were missing from the truck, which has been processed for evidence with fingerprints and DNA swabs taken from inside.

Kilgore police are working with numerous law enforcement agencies to locate the suspects.

Pannell just wants the guns off the street.

"They're in the wrong hands right now," Pannell says.

Investigators also recovered a magazine from one of the rifles.

They are trying to get fingerprints off of that magazine.

Security video from the business where the robbery happened is still being processed to see if any image caught on camera can help officers identify the suspects.

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