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Fan Killed At A Celebration

The joy of Red Sox Fans in Boston has been tainted after a fan was killed during the wild celebrations following the teams dramatic game seven win over the Yankees.

21 year old, Victoria Snelgrove, was one of thousands of young people who poured into the streets of Boston Wednesday night to celebrate the teams victory.

Police in riot gear began to clash with some fans in the crowd. It's not clear exactly what sparked the clash, but one of the cops fired a bean-bag bullet.

The bullet, which is supposed to be a method of non-lethal crowd control, hit Snelgrove in the face, piercing her eye. Snelgrove was taken to a nearby hospital where she died.

Immediately following the incident, Boston police accepted what they called "full responsibility" for Snelgrove's death.

Currently, the officer who fired the bean-bag bullet has not been arrested or suspended.

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