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Check your cash: Smaller counterfeit bills surfacing in East Texas

Fake $5 bill Dia received as change Fake $5 bill Dia received as change

You could be carrying around fake money and not even know it. One of our own found that out the hard way. 

Good Morning East Texas Anchor Dia Wall received a five dollar bill in change at a local restaurant on Wednesday. When she went to purchase breakfast on Thursday with the bill, it came back as counterfeit using a detection pen.

"I mean, it felt a little bit thin and a little weird but I thought maybe it was just old," Wall said. "I never would've guessed someone was passing off counterfeit five dollar bills."

The bill was given as change from The Diner in Tyler, where they screen bills daily. The restaurant said they typically screened ten dollar bills and higher, but will likely start scanning more bills since this occurred.

"Our policy before was to check them all the way down to twenties," said Lloyd Nichols, owner of The Diner. "Then last year we implemented down to tens so evidently we need to now start checking five dollar bills, also."

Dia's bill was the older version of the five dollar bill, made in 1999. The five dollar bill was redesigned in 2006 to include new security features.

"I'm really glad it was only a five and not a twenty or a fifty because I would've really been hurt," Wall said. "I can only imagine what other East Texans are going through if they're carrying counterfeit money and have no idea."

Nichols said he has never seen a counterfeit five dollar bill and said it is rare to see bogus bills since most of his business is done via credit card transactions.

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