Gift of Love: Charlotte

Gift of Love: Charlotte


Charlotte has now been placed with a family.

Sweet little Charlotte and I had a fun time reading books and playing at the Tyler Public Library.  This adorable 18 month old is all smiles.
"Charlotte is 18 months old and she has been in foster care since she was born. she was brought into care due to neglect and drugs.", CPS worker Brandi Smith said.

She has strawberry blonde hair with crystal blue eyes. Charlotte has a very sweet personality and is very loveable. She enjoys spending time with family and friends. Charlotte is a very bright child who loves to explore her surroundings.

"She loves playing with blocks. She likes reading books with her siblings. She likes playing outside," Smith said.

Charlotte also loves to be held and enjoys having all the attention on her.  Her eyes and smile light up the room whenever she enters the room. Charlotte is very strong willed and enjoys solving everyday toddler problems on her own.

"Charlotte is developmentally on target. She is walking. She's saying words," Smith said.

Charlotte would best benefit from a loving family who is able to offer her all the love and support she deserves for the rest of her life.  Charlotte enjoys playing with other children, so a family with other children would also be a plus. 

And most of all a family that can show Charlotte the Gift of Love.

For more information on this child or any of the Gift of Love children, you can call 1-888-543-7275.

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