Better East Texas: Viewers sound-off on Richard Sherman commentary

Better East Texas: Viewers sound-off on Richard Sherman commentary

(KLTV) - Perhaps you saw my recent commentary prior to the Super Bowl where I made the point that I appreciated the interview comments by Seattle Seahawk, Richard Sherman.

As you may remember, Sherman went off on sideline reporter Erin Andrews and continued his criticism of the San Francisco 49ers in the press conference after the game. I liked his answers because they were not the typical clichés we so often see in these types of interviews. Additionally, Erin Andrews, the reporter in the interview, said she found Sherman's remarks were great.

Well many of you disagreed with me on the tempered praise I had for Richard Sherman.

Lanell M wrote, "I totally disagree that it was ok that Sherman acted that way on his interview about his play. We have always tried to teach our kid to have good sportsmanship, that was not in good taste."

Amy M echoed Lanell and did not hold back as she wrote, "Shame on you, Pat Stacey, for saying that poor sportsmanship is permissible as long as it entertains you. Encouraging bad behavior because it makes good TV is one of the biggest faults of our reality TV obsessed culture. A higher set of standards for quality entertainment would make for a better East Texas."

I truly appreciate the feedback and they make great points and perhaps I should have stopped short of an endorsement of Sherman. Either way, thank you for the responses. They make for a great dialogue and a Better East Texas.

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