Zippo Hand Warmer: Does It Work?

Zippo Hand Warmer: Does It Work?

(KLTV) - The people who brought us lighter bring us an even bigger lighter, one you set on fire and put in your pocket.

Really? Ok.

So, you get a pouch, a filling cup and the hand warmer. You supply the lighter fluid for the catalytic conversion which supplies the heat.

I think I got it, let's give it a try.

The fill cup has two levels for six or twelve hours of heat. We'll try six. You slowly pour the lighter fluid into the cotton on top so it soaks in, and then...

"This thing goes back on. Now I just need a lighter," I said.

Now I apply flame to the catalytic burner for about 15 seconds, and the fuel-soaked cotton is supposed to sort of smolder in there.

I guess the fuel in there is getting excited, but it doesn't have enough oxygen in there to actually create a flame.

Thirty seconds later:

"Okay, I feel it getting warm, but that could be just from the metal. Okay, I'm supposed to put the lid on it, and then always keep it in this bag. And now we wait," I said.

10 minutes later:

"So we're anywhere between 99 and 102 degrees now after about ten minutes. Now, how does that actually translate into warming your hands? We're about to see," I say.

But before I tried it in a pocket I just had to let the cat-alytic burner out of the bag. It is warmer when it is out of the bag, but when I put it back in, the temperature had dropped into the eighties.

So keep it in the bag.

"Okay, so in normal usage you would put this thing in your pocket, I guess, right? And so that's what I've done. It's in this pocket down here, and I'm noticing it's getting much warmer, probably because it's like having two bags insulating it," I pointed out.

"Let's test the temperature of this pocket: Fifty-seven degrees. Okay, then the warmer's right here. Wow, look at that: 70, 67. There's got to be a better way to do this. Maybe you could help us. I've got a hand warmer in one of my pockets. Are your hands cold?" I said to a random woman on the street.

"Yes," she replied.

"You have a drink there. I would hold your drink if you would stick your hands in my pockets," I offered.

"Okay," the random woman said.

"That was easier than I thought it would be. Okay, so stick your hand in this pocket. Okay, and now stick your hand in this pocket. Which one is warmer?" I asked her.

"That one," she said indicating the correct pocket.

"It is warmer. You are the winner of a large ice tea. Thank you ma'am, and please don't report this to your local police department. Yeah, it is quite a bit warmer," I told her.

I left it in the coat for a couple hours and took another temperature.

It was 170 degrees.

You'll never be able to cook on it, but it did stay warm well over 6 hours.

So, does it work? We give the Zippo hand warmer a yes.

The Zippo Hand Warmer is available online for $13.

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