Fidel Castro Takes A Fall

Cuban President, Fidel Castro, says he's "in one piece" after taking a tumble off a stage.

Castro, who's 78 years old, had just finished a graduation speech yesterday in Santa Clara, Cuba when he walked away from the podium and tripped.

About a minute after the fall, Castro was shown on live television sitting in a chair at the event, sweating profusely. He asked Cubans to fogive him for "any suffering this may have caused." He also said, "maybe I broke my knee and maybe an arm."

As Castro has grown older, his knees have seemed to bother him more and his step has seemed less steady. His health has been the subject of widespread speculation for the last seven years.

Castro made it clear he didn't want to leave the area in an ambulance and was seen later, speeding away in his black Mercedes-Benz.