Power of Prayer: Miracle Baby

By Dia Wall dwall@kltv.com

Benjamin was baby number five for Doug and Jill Datin. At first glance, he was perfect until they saw their pediatrician.

Jill tells us, "She said she felt something that didn't feel like it belonged, and she had Doug and I feel it as well."

Doug said "I didn't know what to think. I mean, you can't imagine what your baby has when they're only four days old."

So she ran a few tests, and later that evening the phone rang.

Doug says "It definitely shocked us, took us by surprise when we got the call that said go to Houston, we don't know how long you're going to be there. We're not exactly sure what's wrong just get to Houston as fast as you can."

Benjamin had a type of cancer called neuroblastoma, with a tumor pressing against his spine.

At 15 days old, Benjamin had surgery to remove this tumor. Even then, the Datins weren't out of the woods yet.

"It wasn't until a couple weeks after his surgery that he went back and had his tests to say that it was all clear, that there was no more cancer in him. That they could breathe a sigh of relief," said Jill.

Doug told us "That definitely confirmed our faith that God is watching out for him and that He definitely wanted that cancer to be found. Every time I would take him down there, somebody else would say it's a miracle that they even found it because no pediatrician should have ever found that kind of cancer."

But his pediatrician did, and Benjamin is a vibrant, energetic two-year-old today.

Doug says "He's full of energy, we love having him around, couldn't imagine our life without him now."

Jill adds "He's perfect. Just an ornery little two year old."

Who loves to read and laugh and play. A living testament to the Power of Prayer.

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