Better East Texas: Direct mail piling up as election season nears

Better East Texas: Direct mail piling up as election season nears

(KLTV) - You only have to go as far as your mailbox to be reminded that the political season is gearing up, as dozens of direct mail pieces invade our homes. I don't think anyone is a fan of the slick productions that portray candidates as all-American, smiling, wholesome folks. Anyone ever rely on a direct mail piece to decide your vote? Most likely not, so what purpose do these direct mail pieces serve?

If you actually take the time to study them, they all have common elements – a smiling picture of the candidate and their family, a couple of bullet points that explain who they are, you know, East Texas values, belief in the 2nd amendment, anti-big government, you get the point. You could probably cover the names of the candidates and it would be virtually impossible to tell the direct mail inserts apart.

If the candidates really want to impress those of us that put some thought behind our vote, they need to express a quantifiable goal in their election material. In fact, I'd love to see it just once where a candidate plants a stake in the ground and pledges to reduce this or increase that by a quantifiable amount. It would be a bold statement, but it would set them apart from the thundering herd that universally pledge to support home owners rights or improve schools. Those say nothing to most of us, and we need elected officials that are focused on our interests, but are not afraid set a goal, point for the fence and hit a home run.

It is courage that is needed for our country and it will make for a better East Texas.

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