Gift of Love: William

It was an afternoon of fun as William and I went head to head on the bowling lanes.  Let's just say this 15 year old is a much better bowler!

When it comes to school, William likes Art because it allows him to "create stuff."  He also likes Social Studies, but Math not so much.  William receives some special assistance in English and Reading.  He does well with one-on-one attention.

As for his future, "I was going to be in the army but I have diabetes so i can't," William said.

William says he just wants to help people so he's decided he can still do that by serving in another area.

"The Red Cross," William said.

This 9th grader also loves rap and rock music.  Here's something you would never guess about William, his favorite food is spinach!  When it comes to his family, William would love brothers and sisters.

"Just as long as they are older than me," William said.

He also looks forward to doing family things like going out on outings and just having fun.  William will benefit from stability and consistency, a family that can show William he is safe.  And most importantly a family that will show William the Gift of Love.