Sedation Dentistry

Lisa Green usually avoids the dentist's office like the plague.

"I do not enjoy coming to the dentist at all," she says.

She says everything about the dentist terrifies her.

"I don't like the sounds of the dentists and I don't like the dentist in my mouth," she says.

But recently she broke a front tooth and had to come in for an appointment. Luckily for her though, Dr. Rick Coker offered her a way to make her visit more pleasurable. It's called sedation dentistry.

"Sedation dentistry is really just dentistry done with a level of sedation or relaxation that allows people who are fearful to get dentistry done," says Dr. Coker.

"He gives you a pill and it just makes you feel really calm and relaxed," says Lisa.

Lisa never totally falls asleep with the sedation pills but she does chill out to the point nothing bothers her. Dr. Coker says it works miracles for dental phobic patients.

"They allow the anxiety to go away and they have a bit of amnesia. They won't remember what happened. They are awake, they can swallow, they have all reflexes that is why it is so safe," says Dr. Coker.

At the end of Lisa's appointment, she is calm, cool, and collective. She doesn't remember any of the scary parts of the visit. She just enjoys her brand new smile.