Does the State of the Union address content really affect you?

The weather has had so many ups and downs lately it's really highlighted the importance of having a reliable place to turn for weather information.  Chief Meteorologist Mark Scirto continues to show why you trust him with this important job.  Tonight at 10, he'll have a new forecast that will let you know exactly what to expect from the weather where you live.

This was a big political night in Washington D.C.  President Obama addressed the nation with the State of the Union address.  He and his political adversaries had plenty to say.  We'll have a new report to put everything in perspective so you have a good idea what all of it means to you.

Then, we'll have a new report that will take a look at how much concrete action comes out of what's said in big political addresses like that.  Last year the president talked a lot about executive orders meant to curb gun violence after the Sandy Hook shooting.  Did much actually change with those orders?  Lexie will show you at 10.