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Iconic Lone Ranger Hat serving up beverages again in Tyler


A beloved East Texas coffee shop has reopened after a long legal battle. Kickerz Coffee and More is up and running out of their Lone Ranger Hat location off of West Loop 323 near Highway 64. The shop had to close in 2009 after a sinkhole in a nearby ravine caused safety concerns.

Tuesday, it was all coffee, smoothies, smiles and a little bit of western flair at the Kickerz Lone Ranger location in Tyler. The iconic hat had been closed since 2009 when a ravine that cut deeper and deeper by water drainage from area businesses deteriorated a pipe on Kickerz property. That deterioration caused a sinkhole which lead to safety problems.

However, one lawsuit and five years later, they're back.

"That suit lasted for quite a while. In the end, it did settle and yet the pipe wasn't fixed, so it took quite some time to fix the pipe, put the property back together and reopen the location,"  explains Kickerz founder Valerie Smith.

Smith is now working to expand her hat huts to Austin and Dallas. In the meantime, an employee has taken over running the Lone Ranger Hat as a franchisee, making it a family affair.

"We're excited about offering smoothies, milkshakes made by hand, buckaroos ... which is our hot chocolate," says Alex Crow. Alex started working at another Kickerz location when she was 16 years old. Then, Alex worked her way up to manager.

Alex's parents, Mike and Daphne Campbell, are franchisees of the new and improved Lone Ranger Hat. The hat also offers delivery and wifi. Starting this summer, they'll have patio seating, too.

"If you don't know what you want, if you just come and tell the girls -- and they know what to ask you -- they can fix it to whatever you would like," explains Daphne Campbell.

Whatever you like is available once again at a very popular hat. 

"A hat that was really, very missed on this side of town... on the west side," adds Smith.

While the west side of town has changed a lot in the last five years, the Campbells say their quality product is still the same.

The National Lone Ranger Fan Club has reached out to Kickerz and their ranger-themed hat. Soon, they'll announce when the Lone Ranger and his horse, Silver, will make their own special appearance at Kickerz.

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