"Does It Work?": Wine Out

By Joe Terrell - bio | email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - With more than 400 applications, Gonzo's Wine Out is supposed to work great on table linens, clothing and carpets. We're set up to try all three.

First, we pour some red wine on a carpet sample. Moments later, we spray some Wine Out on the stain. From the instant this stuff hits the carpet, the stain starts to fade. Next step, we apply pressure with a towel. The stain started coming off on the towel. We apply a little more Wine Out, dab the stain again, wipe with a moist towel and the stain was completely gone. It took less than a minute.

Next, a linen table napkin. We apply some wine, spray on some Wine out, apply pressure and rinse with water according to instruction. We repeated the process several times, but never completely removed the stain.

We stained two different sections of a cotton dress shirt. On one stain-- we used Wine Out. On the other stain-- plain water. The Wine Out side came clean. The water side did not.

Finally, a cotton t-shirt. This time we took on a stain that had set in for a couple of hours. This time we got a result we had not seen before. The stain turned a blue-gray color and never really budged.

So, "Does It Work?"

On the carpet, yes. Wine Out removed the stain perfectly. Just to be sure it was the Wine Out that got the results, we created a second stain on the carpet sample and tried to clean it with water. The stain stayed right where it was.

On the napkin, no.

On the dress shirt, yes.

On the t-shirt, no.

We give Wine Out a "maybe."

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