School districts gather for new security plan discussion

15 East Texas school districts met in Longview to review LISD's new security plans.

"We wanted to review some of the shootings that have occurred in the last few months and what happened," says LISD assistant superintendent Jody Clements.

 Senate Bill 460 requires, among other things, that districts train teachers to access mental health issues among students.

"Part of that training is to identify mental health issues to address those in the classroom, and also to report those to the parents," Clements says. 
According to the new plan, teachers would track students behavior problems on a database, not accessible to the public.

"I don't like the fact that they can take something of my child and keep it private and keep it away from me," says mother Rebekah Archundia.

 Some see it as a violation of privacy.

"Personally I think its a little bit too much authority I don't think they should be able to do that. Keep data bases on the children like that. I think its an invasion of privacy," says grandmother Classie Mae Taylor.

"What happens when they keep this in a database, they don't warn the parents and something does happen," says parent Lacy Myers.
Trained care teams will monitor student behavior and look for the stereotypical loner that is mentioned in all school shootings.

"Our perspective is not to look at it to track and discipline students, its to look at the situations occurring where we can do positive interventions to keep things from happening. This is not about negative , this is about positive interventions. This is a law that's been put into place that we will be training our teachers this is something that's definitely going to happen," Clements says.

Under the security plan, when students change schools the data compiled on them goes with them.
  No completion date has been set to implement the plan at LISD schools.

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