Gift of Love: Chris, Sam and Claudia

It was an afternoon of fun with all sorts of critters big and small at Petland for Chris, Sam and Claudia.

Chris is very active and enjoys being outside and participating in various outings. This second grader says he loves school.

"They have math, science," Chris said.

As for his future, Chris wants to be a police officer when he grows up.

"Because when they run a red light I can chase them," Chris said.

Chris also loves sports!

"Play football," Chris said.

Chris' favorite team is the Dallas Cowboys.

As for his favorite animals, "Tigers, snakes and cheetahs," Chris said top the list.

Chris does best in a rural setting with lots of room to play.  He loves animals and enjoys helping care for them.

Big brother Sam has an opposite personality from Chris.  Sam is a quiet country kid.  He is slow to warm up to people and is often described by his teachers and foster parents as a leader.  He is very polite and well mannered.  Sam loves the country and lots of land to run around and play on.  He loves dodge ball, but that's not all.

"Soccer, football and baseball," Sam said.

He also loves his art class.

As for his favorite movies, "Ironman, batman and superman," Sam said.

Hot dogs and Hot Pockets top the list of Sam's favorite foods.  And for dessert ice cream!!

Then there is little sister Claudia.  This 7 year old loves to play outside, and likes horses.  She too loves ice cream

"I've got two favorite kinds. Strawberry and vanilla. I don't eat chocolate," Claudia said.

This first grader loves reading. Dora the Explorer is her favorite show.  Claudia enjoys being with her big brothers, but likes girly things as well.  She really wants a large Barbie house!

When Claudia gets older she wants to be Spiderman when she gets older.

"because they get to save peoples lives," Claudia said.

Claudia says she would like an active family that will take them on adventures.

"Play with them, have fun with them, go camping with them," Claudia said.

It's important to all three that they stay together and find a family to call theirs forever.

"So they can take care of you and love you," Claudia said.

A family that can show Chris, Sam and Claudia the Gift of Love.