Young East Texan "Driving" The College Vote

Only 36 percent of people under 24 voted in the last presidential election.  One UT Tyler student wants to change that.
 Twenty-seven-year-old David Curry and his friends want their fellow UT Tyler Patriots to get out and vote.
David developed "Driving You to Vote," an idea that started with a challenge from one of his professors. 
"We were talking about the 'Help America Vote' act in a history class and wouldn't it be nice if someone would make it easier for college students to vote," he said.
David, Jonathan and Erin are registering UT Tyler students for early voting, and getting them on the voting bandwagon.
"It's a convenient way to get there," said Judy King. "Voting is very important to me, I won't have a reason to complain."
"I have a slight handicap right now and so getting to the voting place is going to be very convenient for me," said Kathy Deardorff. "Some students probably don't even have a car so if they don't have transportation they either have to ride the bus or find a friend so this would be very convenient for them."
"It's been kind of interesting walking around campus," said David Curry. "People that I don't even know come up to me and say, 'Hey David thanks for doing this' and stuff like that. So it's been very well received."
The school is footing the bill for the project and David wants every Patriot to take advantage of the free opportunity.
"By voting you are saying I have power in your job and I have a voice in this country and if you don't vote you don't express that voice."
"Driving You to Vote" continues Wednesday, October 20. If you are interested there are three pick up times at the Cowan Center on the UT Tyler campus.
Free rides are available at 11 a.m., 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. Wednesday is the last day for the event.

Maya Golden reporting,