Better East Texas: Sherman's rant sets the stage for Superbowl showdown

Better East Texas: Sherman's rant sets the stage for Superbowl showdown

(KLTV) - Whether you are a football fan or not, you have probably heard about the post game rant by Richard Sherman, the star cornerback for the Seattle Seahawks.

Sherman went on a self promotion tirade, with sideline reporter Erin Andrews.

He blasted the San Francisco 49ers and their star receiver Michael Crabtree.

Following the game at the press conference, Sherman continued.

A lot of commentators ripped Sherman for being so caustic and abrasive, especially towards Crabtree.

Critics also chided Sherman for being a poor role model, b

ut the bottom line is that this guy delivered in the critical game at a critical time and helped his team make it to the Super Bowl.

Isn’t it a little refreshing not to get the typical cliché-laden sound bite that shows up in every game and every press conference interview.

Ultimately, Sherman added another layer of excitement and set the stage for a showdown between him and Peyton Manning in the Super Bowl.

I am not suggesting that pro football needs to devolve into something resembling professional wrestling but great play backed up by emotion is not such a bad thing.

On so many fronts, we have lost the sport in sports, especially football.

As far as Sherman being a role model, he certainly is one, but he is not running for president and he did not commit some kind of condemning crime, so his role model influence really centers around his play on the field.

Young players do not need to taunt the opposition but they should be allowed to get excited and display that excitement.

It will make for better sports and a Better East Texas.

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