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Better East Texas: Security issues steal spotlight at Winter Olympics

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What an exciting time the Winter Olympic games from Sochi, Russia should be, but the dominant topic of discussions is not how the U.S. hockey team will do or if Apollo Ono will bring home the gold, the dominant topic is the state of security at the games.

No one really trusts that Russia can stop a terror attack and some of our athletes have even gone as far as to warn their families not to attend. This is the new normal in our world and based on this reaction to events that have not and may not even happen, the terrorists have already won. It is safe to say to every Olympic game moving forward will fall under this same type of scrutiny as the threat of a terror attack will potentially overshadow the games themselves. Security at all sporting events will be changed as well as everything from the Super Bowl to the World Series will have enhanced security because of what we and the terrorists learn from these Olympic games.

We are all hoping and even praying that there are no attacks, but the stage is set in an almost showdown fashion as security forces have erected their wall of protection and the terrorists have pledged to try to attack. I don’t think the Russians are smarter than the terrorists. They may be stronger, but they don’t seem smarter. This is one of those times when I am thankful that we have an effective espionage system and counter terrorism effort right here in America that sometimes infringes on our personal rights but for the most part keeps us protected.

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