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ETX group plans to protest startup of Keystone XL service


After more than five years of planning and construction of the controversial Keystone XL pipeline in East Texas, commercial service is expected to begin, as oil finally reaches refineries in the Houston area.

TransCanada officials confirmed oil began flowing through the southern portion of the pipeline in early December. That route begins at storage tanks in Cushing, OK and travels through East Texas to Gulf Coast refineries.

But the mile marker in the project has renewed opposition among local groups.

NacSTOP, a Nacogdoches group against the startup of the pipeline, announced they are planning a peaceful demonstration Wednesday night in order to help raise awareness of problems they see with the larger project. The group believes the pipeline will put homes, natural spaces and the broader community at risk, especially after later phases of the plan are implemented.

Protests are nothing new to the project, with opposition over the last couple of years varying from picketers at construction sites, to individuals going as far as tying themselves to construction equipment.

NacSTOP said their group only intends to hold what they call a light brigade, which involves lit up signs that illustrate their message against the Keystone XL project.

While the southern portion, including that in East Texas, is now operational, the White House has yet to approve the most controversial section of the pipeline. That section stretches from Canada down into Nebraska.

The demonstrators said they plan to meet at approximately 6:30PM in front of the Nacogdoches Memorial Hospital. Even though the group has worked against the project for the last three years, it’s a fight that does not seem to have an end any time soon.

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