Preventing The Flu

Kelli Waymire works at the Cozby-Germany hospital in Grand Saline. She loves her job, but being around sick people can be dangerous to her health. She has chronic variable immune deficiency.

"My body doesn't fight off any infection. It doesn't recognize infection," she explains.

Her body doesn't produce antibodies and if she gets near someone who is sick, she can get deathly ill. But she stays healthy, even during cold and flu season at the hospital, by staying germ free. She never touches door knobs, she washes her hands often and uses hand sanitizers.

"I always carry antibacterial wet wipes around with me and I wash my hands with it," she says.

Kelli didn't get the flu last year and has stayed healthy all year despite her disorder. Advanced practice nurse Charles Blair of UT Health Center says Kelli is doing all the right things to avoid the flu, and says if you follow her example, you can too. He also offers these other tips.

"I would suggest people rest well, eat well, drink fluids and exercise," he adds. It's basic advice, but he says it's the only thing that works.

"You know what happen when you don't eat and sleep well. You feel down and once that happens you let the flu get the upper hand."

Kelli can't let that happen. So she says she'll stay germ free to keep free of the flu.