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The legacy of MLK: More than just 'a dream'


Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is perhaps known best for the "I Have a Dream" speech, but that speech only scratches the surface of the words written by arguably the most influential civil rights leader in American History.

After all, Dr. King wrote five books...and delivered up to 450 speeches a year.

On Monday, just before the Longview MLK march, KLTV 7 spoke with an East Texas man...who knows more about Dr. King and his singular dream.

Neadell Bynum, pastor of Shady Grove Church, has read all five of Dr. King's books, and knows about hishistory.

Bynum says Dr. King's father worked hard to get him to ahigher place, but Dr. King chose to be with the people.

“He had the opportunity to be in the cabinet in the WhiteHouse, to do various things, but he chose a different route," Bynum said. "He chose thepeople.”  

Dr. King wrote many letters.

In some, he wrote that Capitalism had run its course ...and that it was making the rich richer and keeping the poor suppressed.

“That holds true," Bynum said. "The rich get richer and the poor getpoorer. But you know, the Bible teaches us that you are always going to havethe poor among you. You need to help them."

King was also a huge opponent of the war inVietnam.

Members of Dr. King's staff warned him against giving asermon condemning the Vietnam War, but he gave it anyway, saying money thatshould have been spent on the war on poverty was lost in Vietnam’s killingfields.

“I think the thing that he was dealing with that wasimportant, was being a humanitarian for all people," Bynum said.

Dr. King thought it was a cruel irony that the racesfought and died together, when they could not even sit next to each other in aclassroom.

And two years after his famous speech, King saidhe saw his dream shattered ... that he had seen his white brothers along withAfrican Americans living in poverty.

In the end, Dr. King was committed to his dream. He was committed to his words. And he was committed to helping all people.

One year to the day after king gave that controversialsermon condemning the war in Vietnam he was assassinated in Memphis, Tennessee.

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