Umpire clinic held at Faulkner Park

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Athletes weren't the only ones hard at work today. The annual baseball umpiring clinic took place at Faulkner Park. Chief instructors included Major League umpire Marvin Hudson who has 15 years of experience in the big leagues. Both veteran and new comers were on hand to learn a little extra and improve their craft of umpiring. The MLB instructors went over the right way to call balls and strikes, and make sure the right angles were being taken to make the correct calls in the field. Like players, Hudson says there is always something to learn.

Hudson says, " I worked with umpires that had 30 plus years at the time in the big leagues and one thing that really stuck in my mind with them is they were out there learning every day. I try to go out there and try to learn something everyday and I've taken that approach. You are always looking for that extra angle or extra edge to get the call right."

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