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Women learn how to build a house to help E. Texans in need


An exercise in helping those who need it , and giving back to the community, was all part of a habitat home being built in Marshall, by women and college students.

Those involved in the Habitat for Humanity build, say it taught students more than just how to use a hammer.

Doing the tough job of roofing, women and Marshall college students joined Habitat for Humanity in building a home for Marshall resident Tina Smith.

"I can't wait very exciting. The kids, they're great they're always willing to come help when need , I think they're some awesome kids," Smith says.

"One of the men has been calling me lightning. Because I never hit the same place twice. I've never shingled before. I've got a couple of blisters so I have battle wounds," says ETBU student Ro Burns.

Some of the women say this job is waking up muscles they've never used before, many had never even picked up a hammer until today.

"Any way for me to served the community and of coarse to help people get homes like that is something that we as people who are more privileged need to do. I won't have to work out for a couple of days because I'll be super sore," Burns says.
 For Bernis Tibeme, and Wiley college student from Cameroon,  it's a chance to make a difference.

"Its important giving back and helping people in the world. I think habitat does a great job helping those that are less fortunate," he says.

 Others have made it a part of their college lives.

"I've built many houses. I've been to Mexico 10 times on mission trips , I've been to Latvia twice, and Ethiopia two summers ago. Its a blast," says ETBU student Nicole Graham.

 Hard work but, for those doing it, it's time well spent.

"To sleep in and watch TV is one thing. But to get up and build a house for people who need it is another," Graham says.

The house is expected to be completed by March.
The women and college students will be working on it all the way through.

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