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Community setting up ways to help injured Lindale Firefighter


An East Texas community is coming together to support a Lindale firefighter who was badly burned in an early morning fire. Three firefighters were injured when the building collapsed while they were fighting the blaze. Two have been treated and released from the hospital. Veteran firefighter, Joe Yeakley, was leading that team in and is listed in critical condition at a Dallas hospital.

Donations have been coming in all day in many forms to support the Yeakley family and as Angela Green, a Yeakley family friend, says, Joe would have done the same for any of them.

"We were at a meeting at the school district, so I was just kind of walking around and everybody started handing me money," she said of beginning her efforts this morning at work, "so I just opened the baggy and everybody started putting stuff in."

She says the fire department has been bombarded with gifts. Angela's husband, David, is a Lindale firefighter and so is their 19-year-old son. She is also a Lindale School English teacher and so is Denise Yeakley, Joe's wife.

"They're great, great people, and they would do the same for anyone else," she said.

This morning, as that fire burned, when Angela's husband's pager went off, she said she knew something was wrong.

"It was a little scary when the pager went off," she recalled, "you don't think about it, you just kiss your loved ones and say okay, see you in a little while."

Her son, Jacob, was part of the team that fought this morning's fire.

"We are family. Whether it's just our family that goes out, you know, they're all one big family."

That's why when she learned one of their own had been injured, she stepped up.

"You just don't think that it would happen in your community, in your fire department," she said.

Snacks, blankets, and magazines all arrived at the fire department Friday. One family dropped off the change they had been saving. Cards came along with the cash.

"We just want to be there for them, the family, and help support them in any way," Green said.

And it won't stop there, she said, there is much more to come from this community.

Green said they are looking to collect anything you might think you would need if you were in this position, sitting in a hospital waiting room.

Lindale ISD is collecting items for the family and the Lindale Fire Department has set up several ways to donate. The Lindale Chamber of Commerce has, too. Too find all the different ways to donate, click here.

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