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Family searches for person who shot and dumped their puppy in a trash bag


A Smith County family says their 10-month-old puppy was shot and killed earlier this week in their neighborhood.

The dog was found Wednesday afternoon in a trash bag, not far from the family's home in the 19000 block of Hillside Drive in Tyler.

The Smith County Sheriff's Office says they are investigating the dog's death.

Curtis Mack still has one dog but says his family is missing Remi, "My son, he claimed Remi as his dog out of the two."

The dogs were Mack's birthday present eight months ago. They got out a few times so Mack put the box that sends the signal to their collars in a secured shed. He says somehow Remi still escaped.

"I noticed one of them was barking so I went back there and the other one was missing."

Mack says the first thing he thought of was a conversation he had with his neighbor a few months ago, "He basically said, ‘Keep your dogs out of my yard. If she comes into my yard again, I'll shoot her.'"

Mack says the neighbor claimed he hadn't seen Remi Monday afternoon, so Mack and his son went looking for her.

"I walked all the way down to about half a mile of wooded area and came back up the other side and never found her," but Mack says the next day he and a friend made a sad discovery, "My buddy said, "There's a black trash bag in the ditch, it looks full. Let's go check it," sure enough my dog was in there."

Mack's friend loaded Remi into the car and they called The Smith County Sheriff's Office.

"I spoke with the sergeant today and he reassured me that something was being done about it," Mack says.

Mack is keeping his dog's body inside a deep freezer to make sure he has as much evidence as possible against her killer.

"I kept her for a personal reason. If they don't do something, I will pay for an attorney and we will get it figured out."

He wants justice for Remi and reassurance that his family and other dog, Semi, are safe.

Mack says his dog was found without her regular collar or her shock collar. He hasn't found either in his yard or anywhere in his neighborhood. 

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