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Walmart robbery suspect Bowers also charged with earlier assault


A manhunt came to an end on Wednesday just before 7 p.m. when authorities apprehended a man wanted for armed robbery in Smith County. As we told you yesterday, the man's name is Adam Heath Bowers

Smith County Sheriff Larry Smith says they arrested Bowers, who was wanted in connection to an early morning robbery at Walmart in Lindale on Monday. Bowers is also a suspect in an aggravated robbery that occurred in Tyler on the same day.

AdamBowers was charged with two counts of aggravated robbery and one count ofaggravated assault ... which wasn't directly related to the robberies.

The assault occurred in the same neighborhood listed asBowers residence on his book-in sheet.

Accordingto jail records, Adam Bowers lived at 15222 Highway 64 at Spring Lake MobileHome Park, number 80.

It turnsout there is no number 80. Neighbors say they have seen him in the area and wasstaying at several different places, including inside home number 12. That's where theaggravated assault occurred early Monday morning.

Accordingto someone staying there who did not want to go on camera, there was a knock atthe door, and a resident answered it, only to come face to face with a gun, allegedlyheld by Bowers, who pulled the trigger.

The shotmissed the resident, bounced off a cabinet and went into a wall above the sink inthe kitchen. No one was hit.

Bowersthen left.  

Neighborslike Marck and Michael Marrero are concerned.

"It kindof does scare me that we live right here, and there's somebody like that that'sliving and staying in these empty houses. We have kids and stuff here ... babies ... and that's just not a good thing," said Marck.

Both ofthem heard Bowers was staying in the park before the robberies.

"You know,you get bits and pieces of the story and that's one of the things, that he wasjust bouncing from trailer to trailer after the police were gone. Wheneverthey'd come around he'd just take off somewhere and come back when they weregone, and I guess that's one way to do it," Michael said.

Lawenforcement caught up with Bowers at a different mobile home park, in the 8500 block of Lavender Road across from Ebenezer Temple AD church in Smith County, south of Interstate 20.

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