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Better East Texas: Kari Hunt's 911 petition picks up steam

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It is hard to imagine what good can come from a murder but such may be case in the story of Kari Hunt, the young mother that was murdered in a Marshall hotel, allegedly by her estranged husband, while their children watched. Their young daughter tried to call 911 but the hotel phone system prevented the call from going far, as the system required that you dial a nine to get an outside line.

This is a condition that most of us don’t think twice about but in an emergency it can mean the difference between life and death. It is also a point of obvious confusion with our children that are taught from birth about what to do in an emergency, which is dial 911 and not 9911. Now, a petition on is building momentum and has caught the eye of an FCC commissioner who has requested that hotels and other businesses consider updating all phone systems so that if you dial 911, you will get an emergency operator.

This has a decent chance of being considered to become law but businesses that are open to the public should voluntarily explore what it will take to update their phone systems. Technology should be an asset in stopping and preventing crimes and that is the prime purpose of the 911 system. If you work in a business with a phone system that needs updating, consider this need and make it a Better East Texas.

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