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Better East Texas: Further investigation into Alfred Wright case

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Perhaps you have been keeping up with the story of Alfred Wright, the Sabine County man who was found dead several weeks after he went missing. We have been covering the case since day one and there are numerous unanswered questions regarding Mr. Wright’s death.

It appears that the Sabine County Sheriff ended the department’s search for the body after just a few days and, as it turns out, the body of Alfred Wright was found in an area that had supposedly been searched. So the body was either overlooked or was moved there after the search. There are also questions on Wright’s condition at the time of death and the question of drugs being found in his system. It appears he did have some type of drug in his system but little more than that has been confirmed.

The family wants and deserves more answers than are available now even if they are not what they want to hear. The Sabine County sheriff has turned the investigation over to the FBI and Texas Rangers who are calling the death suspicious. No one knows the area in Sabine County like local law enforcement and the Sheriff needs to re-commit to get all the information pertinent to the case. He has given the appearance of walking away from what may possibly be a crime scene. This approach is not consistent with what he swore to do when he took his oath. Hopefully the Texas Rangers and FBI will be able to gather the additional information needed to bring closure to the case.

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