Our Facebook Comment Moderation Policy

Our Facebook Comment Moderation Policy

Welcome to the KLTV 7 News Facebook Page! We are glad you're here, and we welcome your comments.

We are committed to keeping the Page among your favorites. While the nature of news is not always pleasant, we do want to keep the Page a pleasant place to be.

Therefore, KLTV 7 News reserves the right to delete comments that contain obscene or vulgar language, personal attacks of any kind or offensive comments that target or disparage any ethnic, racial or religious group.

KLTV 7 News also reserves the right to delete comments that are spam, include links to other sites or are clearly off-topic.

We will also not tolerate threats made on our page. Any comment made about a public official that is deemed threatening will be reported to the proper law enforcement agency. Threats made against other members of the KLTV 7 News Facebook community will result in an immediate ban from this Page.

The comments and opinions on this Page not posted by KLTV 7 News administrators do not necessarily reflect the opinions and position of KLTV 7 News or its employees.

Due to the volume and frequency of posts and comments on the KLTV 7 News Facebook Page, we cannot and will not actively monitor and moderate each and every thread and comment, which means that we cannot guarantee that we can always immediately take action when these standards are violated. Aside from obvious violations, such as racial slurs, what constitutes an offensive comment is subjective. This means that it is up to youto notify us of comments you may find offensive as you come across them.

We can do something once we are notified, whether it's by you or one of our own staff, if they happen to come across something questionable.

This Page should be a place where you can share your thoughts and information, and where discussions and disagreements are respectful and on-topic. We ask that no personal information is shared, and that no names are published in cases of crimes or fatalities where police have not yet notified next of kin. We recognize and share your concerns about the tone of some debates and discussions. We sincerely do not want to have to proactively moderate these discussions, as we recognize that opinions can be diverse and judgment on our part about what is 'offensive' is a slippery slope to perceptions of censorship and slant. People should be allowed to share their thoughts, just as they should be allowed to disagree. However, we will intervene and delete posts as necessary, should the discourse on any given post become unmanageable.

We will delete comments as necessary, and make a reasonable attempt to warn anyone who may be violating these policies that they will be banned if the behavior continues. If you have feedback or concerns about the KLTV 7 News Facebook page, you can send us a message right here on the Page, or you can email us at webstaff@kltv.com.

Thank you for your "Likes," shares and comments! Keep them coming, respectfully!

The KLTV 7 Digital Content Team