New controversy for Church of Wells

Dramatic situations continue to follow members of the Church of Wells.  Today, Nacogdoches police responded to a 911 call reporting someone with a gun near the wedding of one of the church's elders.  It's a story that involves a father who claims the church is keeping his daughter from her family.  Leigha Hughes has been investigating the disturbance.  She'll explain it all in new report at 10.

Good news/bad news for folks who drive Highway 31.  We've learned the highly traveled highway will soon have more lanes to help traffic flow smoother and make passing safer.  Of course, that means drivers will have to put up with construction.  Jamey Boyum will let you know what to expect and when he presents his new report at 10.

Storm Tracker Meteorologist Brett Collar will join us tonight with a new forecast for you.  Tonight at 10, he'll let you know exactly what you can expect from the weather where you live.