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Men dispute animal cruelty charges


Two East Texas men are speaking out about what they call wrongful arrest and wrongful seizure in a cruelty to animals-torture case.

Jared Williams and Johnny Munoz of Wood County have bonded out of jail but say they are outraged at their arrests and the charges against them. The men say they've taken a flurry of public criticism over animal cruelty and torture. Charges they say are absolutely not true. Both say they are responsible pet owners and can't believe they have been charged with a crime.

"I got arrested for the first time, for animal cruelty. There's so many missing pieces its still all very confusing," Munoz says.

"I have never mis-treated an animal in any way," says Williams.

The men were away from home when their dog got out. Officials told them the dog attacked other animals and was shot because it was aggressive.

"They shot my baby, I had that dog since she was 6 weeks old. We don't know why she was shot because they have not told us," Williams says.

"Didn't know I was going to be arrested until I looked online and saw I had a warrant," Munoz says.

Then something they didn't expect. Both were arrested and charged with animal cruelty/torture. Which they both contest.

"My face was all over the news, all over Facebook all over everywhere and it said animal torture as if I'd hung a dog. Its insane," says Williams.

"We are innocent and being wrongfully charged," Johnny says.

And how their dogs were seized angers them.

"They kicked my door down. They left our other cat Garfield, they left a dog, if we were animal torturers why would they leave certain animals there?" Jared says.

Friends and family are supporting them to their goal of being cleared of all charges.

"This is a wrongful arrest and a wrongful seizure," Williams says.

The men have located 4 of their dogs in two different local shelters, but have not been informed where the other 7 of their dogs are. Both face charges on 11 counts of animal cruelty- torture.

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