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Victim of Tyler shooting says it was an accident


A 25-year-old Tyler woman is recovering after being shot Friday night at her apartment. The victim's roommate says she and Armis Barnes were having a normal night at The Rose Valley Apartment Homes off of North Northwest Loop 323, in Tyler.

Suddenly, the roommate said, Ke'avier, or KJ, Wilson-Hurd shot Barnes in the face. Wilson-Hurd was arrested at the scene.

You might remember his name from a previous arrest. Wilson-Hurd was arrested last summer in connection with the PT Cole Park shooting in Tyler.

Briana Young, 20, died in that shooting in front of her three-year-old son. Wilson-Hurd was charged with murder in the case but a grand jury didn't find enough evidence to pursue the charge in court, so Wilson-Hurd was released.

Family members of Armis Barnes said they think Wilson-Hurd shot Barnes accidentally.

Bonnie Jones was getting her two young children ready for bed in the apartment she shares with her cousin, Armis Barnes, when she heard a loud noise from the bedroom.

"When she walked toward me her eye was messed up and he was yelling he's sorry it was an accident," Jones said, claiming Ke'avier Jarrod Wilson-Hurd had accidentally shot her cousin while the two were hanging out Friday night.

"She said it was an accident and the next thing she knew turned to him and she saw fire," she continued.

They say the two hadn't been fighting and were good friends.

"And he kept saying it was an accident it was an accident I didn't mean to do it," she said.

A neighbor and friends described what happened next.

"He came over to my house to get help for her," Takara Derrick, said, "he came over and told us he accidentally shot her in the face."

Takara Derrick considers Armis and Bonnie her best friends and raced to help.

"They're like sisters, she doesn't have a sister and Armis is basically an only child and they grew up together," Derrick said as Jones cried.

You can see where the bullet holes had been before officials cut out those parts of the wall inside that apartment.

As Armis sat in a chair holding her face, Bonnie says Wilson-Hurd stuck around, waiting for police and paramedics.

"I mean I had so many emotions running through my body at that point, you know, I was mad, I was upset, I was nervous, I was scared," Jones said.

Friday night, she was angry that he had even brought a gun into her home, but Saturday, she said she's just glad her cousin will be okay.

"She talked to us last night," Jones said, "she was still able to talk to us. She still has a sense of humor and everything. She's still Armis."

Armis Barnes lost her right eye and has a broken nose and cheek bone. Her family tells us doctors say she is going to be okay.

Wilson-Hurd is being held in The Smith County Jail. He is charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. His bond is set at 500 thousand dollars.

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