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5th annual Sugarcane Festival draws visitors to Nacogdoches landmark


Mule skinner Stephen Clinch and 8-year-old Cindy Lou made their rounds at the durst-taylor historic house powering an 1880's sugar cane press.

 "I'll lead her, it's easier to lead her than to drive her from behind I'll just lead her around a circle and she'll be sweating a little bit when we get done I imagine," said Clinch.

This is the 5th year for the Old Fashioned Sweet Tooth Sugarcane Festival , Clinch says using the press the cane will be pressed and boiled down to make ribbon cane syrup.

 "This beam turns gears that turn the drums and the cane goes between the drums and there is very little clearance in there and it squeezes the juice out of it," said Festival.

The entire process takes about four to five hours, once all the juice has been collected it's boiled until there is no water left then it's made into syrup.

"There's so many people here in Nacogdoches that have never seen this done, especially the younger generation, it was very common in our grandparents day but as the kids get younger and this isn't really happening anymore so its great to show the old farming techniques," said Jessica Sowell, Assistant Historic Sites Manager.

As visitors waited for the sweet treat, they enjoyed a journey back in time filled with music, a blacksmith and arts and crafts.

Volunteer Chandler McDonald says events like this teach everyone the importance of recognizing the past.

 "Just know how it used to be done, now we go to the grocery store to get syrup before that it would have been a lot more difficult," said McDonald.

The Nacogdoches Kiwanis Club was also on site making fresh pancakes to enjoy with the fresh cane syrup.

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