Proud Of East Texas: Charlotte Callicoat

Charlotte Callicoat calls her Leche De Tejas Goat Dairy near Edom a "labor of love". Although Callicoat's background and most of her professional experience is in education, she's traded in her schoolroom for goat pens and milking stools.

Callicoat fell in love with goats at county fairs in her native Virginia. When she moved to Texas, she brought two goats with her. When they multiplied to seventy, she began making Goatberry soap and selling it at craft fairs and festivals. The soap is now available at specialty stores around Texas.

Goat milk is also a popular product of the dairy, and Callicoat hopes to be selling her goat cheeses by springtime. And by the way, if you think goats only eat tin cans, think again. The goats at Leche De Tejas Goat Dairy are fed only top grains and hay.

Reporting: Joan Hallmark