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Phoenix zoo keepers go high tech, give behind-the-scenes look


The Phoenix Zoo is going high tech, using Google Glass to give everyone a behind-the-scenes look at wild animals.

Zoo keepers are wearing the glasses as they go into the animal enclosures, recording everything from their perspective.

Joseph Becker is the digital communications specialist at the Phoenix Zoo.

"The Google Glass really allows you to get a unique perspective. It's completely hands-free, so our keepers are able to go about doing their job normally. They can talk; the device does record their audio," Becker said.

CBS 5 News was there when the zoo keepers recorded their checkup on the warty pigs.

"Everyone's really impressed with their tusks and they don't realize how the teeth ... how the top tusks grow from the upper jaw but then curve up and outwards. So wearing the glasses while we do teeth check ... people can get a better view of that and see what their mouths are capable of," said Josh Crabtree, the senior keeper of animal resources at the Phoenix Zoo.

The keepers want to shoot videos of as many animals as possible, from the reptiles to the giraffes.

The zoo has only had Google Glass for about a month.  It cost around $1,500. 

To watch the videos, go to

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