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No Velveeta! Could it be the Cheesepocalypse?


There is no way to soften the blow. We just have to come out and say it. America could be facing a shortage of Velveeta cheese. Kraft foods announced they are having a problem at their plant and Velveeta may not be as available in the coming weeks.

We had to find out how you feel about this, especially with the Super Bowl right around the corner.

Unsuspecting Americans go about their business, many not realizing what lies in their immediate future: A potentially serious lack of cheesy Velveeta goodness.

Some have called it the Cheesepocalypse.

"Had you heard that it sounds like there's going to be a shortage…," I prefaced to Hope Boland.

"Of Velveeta?" Hope questioned.

"Does this mean you're going to go stock up on Velveeta?" I asked her.

"Possibly. It's possible," Hope admitted.

Tony Peden said, "Don't bother me none. I ain't gonna make no dip any time soon."

It's not going to affect your Super Bowl plans?" I asked Tony.

"No," He stated.

"So you can watch the Super Bowl without dip?"

"Yeah. Fajitas." Tony responded.

"Now, is that going to affect your Super Bowl plans at all?" I asked Marcus Miller.

"Not at all. Not at all," he said.

"You'll be able to live without the queso?"

"I'll be able to make it without the queso," Marcus revealed.

Ralph Holland said," I'm not a big Velveeta fan. I'll do a little queso, but just as long as there's not a Spam shortage we'll be okay."

"It's a shame. An American icon like Velveeta: they're running out of it," Joe Staicer stated.

"Apparently it's some there's some kind of problem at the factory," I told Joe.

"Yeah, well, it probably has something to do with Obamacare," He surmised.

Joe Staicer, however, has a backup.

"Melting cheese properly in a double boiler," Joe offered.

"You have to have the equipment then," I concluded.

"You have to have the right equipment," he confirmed.

The larger stores in Tyler have a plentiful supply, but in some stores that carry less food, Velveeta seems to have melted away.

Some, like Vaughn Powell, aren't concerned with the queso the potentially postponed Velveeta.

"Velveeta, don't eat it. Don't need it," Vaughn laughed rubbing his stomach.

Kraft Foods Group Inc. has given no reason for the problem at the plant saying it happens from time to time due to the nature of manufacturing, and shortages are more noticeable during times of high demand, like the NFL Playoffs.

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