Charity Rally At Longview Harley Shop

The rumble of iron horses was heard in Longview today. That rumble signaled an annual event that supports several charities in East Texas. It was the 7th annual open house at "Harley Davidson" of Longview. It began as a way to meet and greet people in the community, but through the years it's become a venue where money is raised for charities.

Among the benefactors; "Longview partners for pets" humane organization, the heart walk association and the burn victim center. Proceeds from raffles , bike sales and others events go to these charities, and for many who participate... Some causes are close to their hearts.

"It really touches close to home for me, my brother passed away 2 years ago for massive heart attack, my father suffers from stroke and heart disease , it's on both sieds of both sides of our family" said Longview regional hospital volunteer Kim Brown.

"Its great to see the Harley Davidson fraternity come together to help the community this way" said volunteer Vince Fowler. Organizers hope to raise over 10-thousand dollars from todays event, which continues into tonight.