Gift of Love: Ladarrion

It was a fun afternoon of video games on the Wii for 10-year-old Ladarrion.  When it comes to school,  this 4th grader loves reading and recess.  Ladarrion is very active and loves to play outside.

He especially likes to, "play with my walkie talkies, " Ladarrion said.

He loves climbing, playing football, and fishing.

As for his future, he sees himself in the sports world.

"I want to play football," Ladarrion said.

He hopes to be a professional running back some day and Ladarrion tells me his favorite team is the Buccaneers.  If that doesn't work out, soccer would be Ladarrion's second choice for a profession.

As for his favorite food, Ladarrion likes to eat pizza, cheese pizza.

And for dessert, "I don't know, brownies," Ladarrion said.

When he's not outside, you can guess where Ladarrion likes to be, inside with his video games.

"Play the XBox," Ladarrion said.

When it comes to his forever family, Ladarrion is looking forward to the simply things.

"Go to the movies," Ladarrion said.

Ladarrion really wants  to see "Frozen".

He would like to , "go out to eat," Ladarrion said.

Ladarrion needs a family who will provide him with structure and guidance.  This family will also need to be patient, nurturing, attentive, and affectionate.  But most importantly, Ladarrion needs a family to show him the Gift of Love.