Better East Texas: Oklahoma to vote on Satanic statue at capitol

Better East Texas: Oklahoma to vote on Satanic statue at capitol

(KLTV) - The good folks of Oklahoma, specifically a committee of the state legislature there, have a tough decision before them on a pending request to erect a statue depicting Satan on the Oklahoma state capitol grounds.

Oklahoma has a monument with the Ten Commandments and now, a Satanic worshiping group from New York has made the request to construct a 7 foot statue recognizing Satan. The committee that considers applications for these type of displays has put the application for the statue on hold until a lawsuit against the Ten Commandment monument is decided, but it is certainly a possibility this statue could be approved.

For most of us, it is hard to imagine a statue like this actually being constructed, but it is a product of freedom of religious expression. People are free to worship a lump of Jello, if they would like. What is most troubling is that this request truly shows the changing state of the spiritual condition of our country. The fact that this is a group from New York backing a movement in Oklahoma also says that they have little opportunity for this type of display in their home state. So the end result is that we have a very small group in position to have an equal public display next to a display that reflects the beliefs of many.

Thankfully, spiritual shepherding takes place in the home and in places of worship and it is up to each family to stay strong so that empty idols reflect what they actually are and that will make for a Better East Texas.

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