Better East Texas: Grumbling over UT's new head coach

Better East Texas: Grumbling over UT's new head coach

(KLTV) - The University of Texas named a new head coach recently as Charlie Strong took the reins after Mack Brown retired after another disappointing season. The University of Texas was also named as the most valuable football program in the nation. All should be good in Austin, but it is not.

There is some grumbling from some major boosters that they did not have a say in the coaching decision. Red McCombs, a very wealthy Texas alum and university supporter has been very vocal that boosters should have had a larger voice in selecting the next Texas head coach. Now this sounds eerily like another football team I know where the owner of the team is complaining about decisions by people he has empowered to make such decisions.

In this case, it includes the Texas athletic director and the eight person search committee. Now I am certain it is tradition for booster and large donors to get the inside track on announcements such as a new head coach but to come out and state, and I quote, "it was a kick in the face" is not the way the career should start of the next coach of the storied University of Texas football program.

I am certain Charlie Strong will persevere as this is only a small dose of the criticism that comes with this position so it is just the source, the boosters, that smells lousy. Here's hoping UT returns to winning prominence while boosters appropriately get behind and support him.

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