Sandlin Denounces Negative Ad

Democratic Congressman Max Sandlin wants a negative television ad, aimed at his opponent Republican Louie Gohmert taken off the air.

Just this week the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee began running an ad on some Shreveport stations.  The ad criticizes Gohmert for his sentencing practices while he served as a district judge.

Sandlin says he does not support the ads in any way, and would like them to stop running.

"We don't need to talk about those sorts of issues we need to talk about jobs and healthcare and things that are good for the country and I have absolutely no interest in seeing attack ads from the dccc from my opponent," said Sandlin.

A spokesperson for the Gohmert campaign says Sandlin has given thousands of dollars to the Democratic Committee's political activities.  They say his effort to distance himself from this current negative ad is "political posturing."