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Plumbing companies bursting with service calls

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Plumbing companies across East Texas worked all day Monday to fix pipes that burst in the cold weather. Through the wet and the cold, plumbers say they'll be there for you all night.

"We're going to get really wet and it's going to be cold," Patton Waldrop, a plumber with C. Woods Company, said.

At 11 o'clock this morning a small busted pipe was just the beginning. Busted water lines and backed up toilets are all in a cold days work for plumbers Cory Daniels and Patton Waldrop.

"About 7:00 in the morning and everything was frozen solid, nothing would thaw out,” James Montgomery, an employee at Pets Fur People, said, “so it's just one of those deals where we had to just wait and see what would happen."

A burst pipe happened. That's when Montgomery called the plumber. The busted pipe at Pets Fur People was the first call of that icy morning.

"We're waiting on it, you know, it's coming, busted water lines everywhere," Cory Daniels, a plumber with C. Woods Company, said.

Calls like that trickled in Monday morning, but by the afternoon phone lines were flooded.

"We're real busy, we're getting calls. Just earlier I called back to the office and we're getting them every 10 minutes," Daniels said.

Longview reported no major issues. Neither did The City of Tyler, but plumbing companies across East Texas are drowning in service calls.

"It's just one of the deals that happens, you just got to deal with it," Montgomery said.

Well, the plumbers certainly do.

"Insulate your pipes, let it drip, make it easy on us," pleaded Daniels.

They'll be at your service all night long, but, they say, if they show up at your home, one thing will be different. They’ll be wearing more clothes and some dry pants after this wet and cold day.

They'll be open 24 hours, but you can be proactive and keep the plumber away by preventing your pipes from freezing. They're urging customers to leave their sinks and showers dripping.

So, East Texas, wrap your pipes and run your heat.

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