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East Texas... where it's colder than Alaska and Iceland


The freezing temperatures have everyone in East Texas talking because it has been years since we spent a whopping 40 hours below freezing, but as we post on social media about just how cold it is, we noticed some of our friends across the country have weather to brag about.

If you're a fan of social media, then chances are you saw a friend on Facebook or Twitter share a photo of their car's dashboard thermometer. Ours was registering 22 degrees in Tyler. While East Texas lacks mountains of snow to show for our wintry weather, the numbers don't lie. East Texas is colder than some very cold places.

What's the temperature in Anchorage, Alaska? It's pretty cold, but it's currently warmer than East Texas. Monday afternoon, Anchorage's  was 34 degrees.

How cold is it in Iceland? We found out that Reykjavik, Iceland was 36 degrees on Monday.

So it seems the warmer weather is hiding out in California. Photos snapped Monday morning by our friends in Danville, just 30 miles east of San Francisco, showed flowers still in bloom and fresh fruit hanging on trees.

"Well, my paper said it was going to get into the 60's ...  the high 60's," says Sandy Johansen of Danville.

Sandy showed us her backyard where it's overcast and just a little cool.

"At this point, we're the fortunate section of the country," she says.

Even more fortunate than those in California are our friends in Sarasota, Florida. That's where we found tennis instructor Michael Brandon standing in front of his pool in a short sleeve t-shirt.

"The last few days it has been in the high 70's to low 80's," explains Michael.

In an effort not to make us too jealous, Brandon added that he wears a light jacket in the morning.

"Around noon it's back up into the 70's on a daily basis," he says.

Back here in East Texas, we'll hunker down and dream of warmer weather. Soon enough it'll be back, and we'll be begging for winter to come again.

On the flip side, there are some people who are jealous of our 20 degree temperatures. Monday afternoon it was about 10 degrees below zero in Chicago and 12 degrees below zero in Minneapolis.

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